Thursday, June 22, 2017

Guess where we went

Holidays are great fun. Especially when you travel to somewhere you've not been before.  Any guesses where we landed?
Yes, it's June and yes, I'm wearing a warm jacket!
Are these not the most beautiful flowers ever? Guess what kind.
My nose sniffed these lovelies more than once. (Lupines is the answer!  Does that give away where we are?!)
Harbor view. (The building in the photo would be your greatest hint as to where we ventured off!)
Yes, that would be the sun!
First Starbucks ever! Now do you know where we are?
Why yes I'd like to browse in the bookstore!
They threw fish! They actually threw a fish! Missed me...whew!
Who knew chewing a wad of gum and then sticking it to a wall would be called 'art.' The Gum Wall. I wonder if anyone has ever taken a piece...Ok, that's GROSS!! Really GROSS. Don't do that, okay? Okay!
Did you know this? Fascinating.
So fun to watch the little kids enthralled with the fish!
There really is a Starbucks on every corner!
Dead giveaway! Surely you've guessed!
View from the harbor tour.
By the end of the day, we were ready for a rest. And this was just the first day! This was our first time staying at an air b and b. Have you ever stayed at one before? Good? Bad?  We LOVED this one. Very chic and clean. Close in walking distance to everything. We would highly recommend trying it out. So fun to feel like a local!

Going anywhere fun this summer? Where?

Monday, June 5, 2017

Not Again

In light of yet another terrorist attack in my beloved England, I thought it appropriate to review the story behind the quote.

Also, I will be away on holiday for a bit. I will be back to blog about my adventures on June 22.


Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Long Walk

A few friends and I decided it would "be fun" to walk around Mpls/St Paul for 13.1 miles. 😊

Not sure swollen ankles, dehydration and fingers that end up looking like sausages would define "fun," but we sure tried!

I found plenty to smile about along the route. Come, reminisce with me.
About two minutes into the walk, we found this cat! Right in the front yard! I couldn't pass up the photo op, complete with my pink compression socks! Cute, eh?!
Gnomes and fairies, oh my!
I shouldn't have been surprised to find little libraries on the route. They were everywhere.
This one is made out of aluminum. Notice the pop cans!
You know I had to take a photo of this little library! Doctor Who! So cool.
Who doesn't love Dr. Seuss!

We walked down the middle of the worries! Plenty of room for dogs, kids, frisbees. A communal playground! I walked slow through this neighborhood. Shhhhh...don't tell my friends. They thought I was pausing to stare at these idyllic homes. Fooled them! My legs were killing me!
So, what would you do if you were standing on a bridge taking this photo and your friend says, "see that bridge way out there?"

"Yep," I reply.

"We're walking across that bridge eventually!"

I wanted to punch him!

I forgave him when we landed at this place.
I laughed so hard when I read this sign I nearly peed my pants!
Seriously, these donut balls are so addictive. The best donuts I have ever had. EVER!

Did you know tomorrow, June 2, is National Donut Day? I had no idea! But, I know where to stand in line to get some!

Our group loved the walk so much, we're doing it again soon.
I have a feeling this shop will be on the route!

Do you love donuts? Where do you get them from?

Monday, May 29, 2017


Today is Memorial Day in the United States. A day to remember our fallen.

I happened to watch a documentary detailing our military. It gave me goosebumps. Each member of the military, past and present, is a hero. Period.

We live in very uncertain times. It's a different world. Last week showed us once again with the terrorist act in Manchester, UK. I'm quite sure the military presence over there across the pond is obvious.

I was clicking through photos of my beloved England back in 2009, and was surprised to see a few bobbies mixed in. They were there. I obviously took photos! But I don't recall thinking anything of their presence.  
I wasn't a bit scared back then, and I wouldn't be if I were there today. The terrorists are trying to make us fearful. They won't win.  The UK is resilient and will persevere.

I'm so sad for the victims of the suicide bombing in Manchester. My heart is broken for their families. It all is just so surreal. There are no words. Why there? Why the UK? Why anywhere? It makes no sense.

England is a beautifully and wonderfully created land. I can't wait to return.  For now, I take comfort in the words of Ecclesiastes 3 "...For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven..A time to weep...a time to mourn..."

Right now, I mourn for those families affected by this terrible act. May all the souls who died rest in peace.



Thursday, May 25, 2017


I'm nursing an atrocious ear ache this week. No wonder kids cry out in misery. That's what I'd like to do. Scream. Instead, I walked around my gardens. It was good for my soul.

  I have lots of trees in my backyard. Plenty of shade and homes for the birds.

Speaking of trees, this story gave me pause this week.  Trees. Both glorious and dangerous. Life is a gift, people.
Enjoy every day.

My yard is perfumed with the scent of lilacs. I sniff them any chance I get.
Picket fence. Tom Sawyer must be near! I love my fence. Makes me think of my beloved England.
Daisies. My favorite.
I actually enjoy pulling weeds in my gardens. Truly, I do!
It's Memorial Day. I'm guessing many will be working in their yards this holiday weekend. Let us never forget those who gave their lives so we can enjoy ours.

Thank you for your service. I am one grateful American.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, America.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Her turn

There  was a beautiful wedding this past weekend in England. Royalty attended and a few wee ones stole the show.

Read all about it in the site below.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Torrential rains

It's a little early in the season, but wow, we are experiencing some pretty intense weather patterns here in the mid west. I snapped this photo of our backyard. It doesn't look like it, but the skies were ominous.

Not long after, rain poured from the heavens.  We're talking buckets and buckets.  Our gutters were overflowing, so guess what? I had to grab a ladder and clean out the "helicopter seeds" that continue to drop from the trees. It's an annoying ritual we practice every year around this time! Those dang seeds!

After watching this news video, we have nothing to complain about. My heart goes out to this community dealing with the aftermath of a tornado. This happened a little more than an hour from where I live.
Did I mention I hate storms? Yeah, that.