Monday, January 14, 2019


Did you know blue plaques can be found all over the UK? They're basically a historical marker  commemorating a link to the location of a famous person, event, or sight.

It's true! I found myself keeping an eye out wherever I ambled in England.
They're everywhere. You just have to look!
I kind of figured there would be one at his house!
Mr Wonderful even found one. And to know it is a favorite movie character was icing on the cake for him.  Bond. James Bond!
Our Innkeepers told us to keep an eye out for this one particular plaque while we walked about Alton. We had a good chuckle.  Quite sure the owner of this home gets a good giggle when he sees tourists stop and have a look. Clever I say. Clever.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Book Club

For being such a book lover, I have never been in a book club.

I have a good friend that raves about hers. The group has been reading together for over sixteen years. Sixteen years.
This is my year of intention. Time to find one. 

Not long after deciding, I happened to be at my library. As fate would have it, there at the counter in plain sight was my invite. Don't you love the advertisement? No need to try and persuade me. I was all in. Where do I sign up?

 The first meeting is next week. We travel to different restaurants in the county where I live. Books and food. Win win! The first four books have already been chosen.
What I already knew about book clubs is that the picks are usually ones you probably wouldn't choose to read for yourself. Different genres are good. Keeps you well read.

Here's the first book of the year...
It's about hockey. That's all I know so far, but there's a deeper story within these pages. I'll let you know how it ends.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Bed and Breakfast

We made it to our first destination!
I got out of the car and literally kissed the ground. Driving on the wrong side of the road is not for sissys. Just saying.

So great to park the car and just walk where we wanted to go.
But first, our stay.
This is England. My happy place. Outside of London. The countryside.
We stayed at St Mary's Hall. A refurbished church in Alton, Hamptonshire. Otherwise known as Jane Austen territory.
Joan and Jack were our hosts. A lovely England couple.
Hubby thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Jack. They soon found they had motorcycles in common and that was that. Their conversations left Joan and I to talk of our own interests without the boys!
We had our own private suite. This bed and breakfast is exactly what you would dream an Inn to be in England. Pure loveliness. Delightful.
Oh to go back again.
Our breakfast table. Don't you love the woodwork?
We woke the next morning to breakfast and a card from Joan and Jack wishing us a Happy Anniversary. How lovely to have been in England on our 30th Anniversary. What a lovely start to a lovely day.
We felt special. Honored guests, to be sure.
With full stomachs, we were ready for our next adventure.

Here's a hint...Hamptonshire =Jane Austen.