Thursday, December 12, 2013


Fear of the unknown.
It has a way of taking up residence in my mind and filling my head with ridiculous scenarios.
How ridiculous you ask?  Well, here is one synopsis in taking a trip.  

What if?

We sleep through the alarm and don't make it to the airport in time.
The car doesn't start because it is -12 degrees.
We get into an accident on the way.
Our house goes up in flames while we are gone.
Someone in our family dies while we are gone.
One of us slips on  ice while departing our vehicle at the passenger drop off site.

(I'm not even in the airport yet!  It gets better! )

One of us gets stopped while going through security and we miss our flight because of it.
We forgot to check the expiration date on our passports and can't get back in to the USA.
The kid in the seat behind us throws up...(you get the picture!)
The flight is delayed and we are stuck in the airport for 3 days.

We get picked to have our person and our bags checked in customs.
We drink the water in Mexico and get sick.
We swim in the ocean and with a quick wave, we are swept out to sea
Drug dealers swarm our hotel and take all of us hostage.
The sun burns our skin because we fell asleep in our chairs by the pool.
We don't understand pesos and give our waiter half our cash.

Whew!  Fears.  They start with just a thought, and the seed grows and pretty soon I am illogical.  As I read through the "what ifs," they are absurd.  Wacky!

 I actually visited the idea of  bailing out and just stay home.  Oh the mistake that would have been.

I get to spend time with my husband seeing things for the first time together.  
Look out into the ocean daily from our room.  
God simply said it, and there is this colossal body of water.  Beautiful.
The drinking  water is just fine.  
Spend time with some really awesome friends who laugh at my worries and whose glass is constantly full and overflowing.  
It is just about 92 degrees warmer here than from where I left! 

I met the most wonderful lady who cooked for Yvonne and I yesterday.  We were in her home. We drove ( not us, the driver!)  through Mexican neighborhoods to get there, complete with bars on some windows and I was not one bit afraid!  Imagine that!  I got out of the van and was welcomed by Claudia, who appeared through a red door.  I loved that door!  Hugs ensued as we padded through her walkway to the inside of her home.  Such generous hospitality.  We were given Mexican coffee and what tasted like churros as we gathered in her sitting room.  We laughed and learned so much about her country.  She was so proud of her heritage.  Tamales, beans, rice, salsa were all on the menu.  I think I can even make it when I get back home.  The tree was up, the nativity scene in place, and the table set so ornate.  We were her guests.

 I would have missed out on such bliss had I let fear consume me.  None of us knows what each day will bring.  This one brought me another day closer to my friend Yvonne.  I am overjoyed I took the risk.






  1. I love this post Gail!! Sometimes taking a leap of faith, planning ahead and believing in God that he will take care of all your worries will take you to places beyond your imagination and let you experience life. I'm glad you and Dale are having fun in Mexico, I can't wait to hear your stories about it when I see you at Christmas. Love you! Tracy

    Gail, check my blog out, I will try to write more when I can. Your blog encourages me whenever I read it and it makes me want to write. I just posted something new. Tracy :)

  3. Hi Tracy. Yep. This is beyond my imagination. So beautiful the turquoise waters. Warm too! The waves do as they please! Christmas is not far away! I am looking forward to our visit together at Christmas too. Hello to Josh and Kira. I am on my way to your blog! Blessings. I love you too. XOXO Aunt Gail