Monday, March 2, 2015

My girls

Tea parties.
I love preparing the food and picking out which teas to steep for tea parties.

Recently, I spent some time with the girls I mentor going over lots of information about tea.
We talked about where tea comes from, what kinds of tea, and many other topics.

I brought along to our meeting my collection!
The girls asked, "Is all this yours?"
"What's this, what's that!"

It was pretty fun.  They had no idea what a tea cozy was, or what an oolong tea is.  They soaked it up!
I showed them pretty napkins, sugar cubes, creamers, brought some china along, my tea maker...lets just say the night flew by.
Then, the next week, they came to my house and I threw them a tea party!

Pink tablecloth, flowers, china, gift bags, brownies, little cupcakes, scones...I couldn't wait to see their faces!
All smiles!  Here they are.  My happy girls.  Some even dressed up!  I think they all had an enchanted evening.  
Its one thing to hear about tea.  Totally different when you are actually sitting down with all things tea!  The girls tried...(actually I made them!) their tea with nothing added.  I wanted them to really taste what tea is like without the added fluff!  As expected..."Ick.  I don't like it!"  Utter honesty.  Love it!!!  Then we added the sugar cubes and the cream.  Made all the difference!  Lets just say my sugar bowl was empty when they left!  They kept drinking more and more!  Then, with all the other sweets...their poor parents!!!
They weren't too sure about the scones, but they went for those too!  Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...I was going to make the cucumber sandwiches, but knew that no matter how fancy I cut them, the girls were not going to be fooled!  They laughed and enjoyed each others company and loved their gift bags.  I'd say this was a very successful evening!


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