Thursday, July 23, 2015

Step off the asphalt

     Remember the commercial about the guys TRYING to get their phones out of network reach?
Climbing a  mountain, each were  frustrated because they still had coverage.   They had to travel a long way to get their phones out of range.  It took awhile, but they succeeded.

     It took quite a  few miles in our van, but eventually our phone stopped working too.

     I heard a great line from a man we met on our travels last week.  He said, "You need to step off the asphalt."  Isn't that great!  This coming from a man who has done some pretty crazy things in his 63 years of life.  He was a sparkle on one of our stops during our holiday last week.

     That line stuck with me the entire time we were away.

     It is much too easy to look down at our phones, and miss the things that are right in front of us.

     Come along with me on a quick photo tour  of some views we didn't miss!
     This is a lodge we stayed at one night in Montana.  We were greeted by the most kind people.  We heard stories of grizzly bears that wanted to make their presence known by plodding their way right up to the front door!  Thankfully, it wasn't the night we stayed there!
     Ever had the view from the top of a horse?  I got the docile one!  Yay for me!
     Sometimes there is just no other way to see the views in the woods.  You have to get on the horse and go for a ride!
     I wonder how hot that is?  
     Traveling on a dirt road for 6 miles gets you this view.
     The tram in Jackson Hole Wyoming takes you to the top of the world!  It's cold up there, but there are rewards.
     Like for instance, WAFFLES!  Yep...waffles!  Who knew!  I have to say that they were some of the best waffles I have ever had!  Maybe it was just because I was cold.  Then again, maybe not.  We had the lemon ones with LOTS and LOTS of whipped cream!  YUM.  Just YUM!!
     You can't beat the wild life views.
     They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  I'm thinking that may be true after gazing upon this gorgeous sunrise.
     Its good to be alive.  Amen.
     Hope you enjoy your views today.

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