Thursday, February 4, 2016


No, I'm not going to make you look at a picture of a snotty nosed kid running around in a diaper!

Nope. Not going to do it! YUCK!

Instead, I give you this...
8 inches of magical, cotton-like snow fell in our land!  It truly is a winter wonderland.

As we drive here in the tundra, snow accumulates in our wheel wells.  Snow boogers!  I LOVE to knock the pieces out with my scraper. What I do for fun!  Sometimes the pieces can be rock solid, and so it is a major score when it finally breaks free!  Its the little things in life!
I have to refrain myself from tapping on wheel wells that aren't  mine!  The parking lots are loaded with them!  So tempting!  

Hubby has one hammering  on pieces in the garage! Seriously. It really ticks him off having a huge piece melting in the middle of the garage floor!



  1. Tee hee! We call them snow turds. :) And I'm with your husband--don't knock the turds off in the garage!

    1. LOVE it---turds! What we do for fun up here in the tundra! So glad I am not the only one!
      Snow turds, snow boogers...we embrace our winters!
      Thanks for the comment, Brenda!