Monday, April 24, 2017

The Wife

Did you know the wife of newly appointed U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, is British?

I was delighted to read such news!

Marie Louise Gorsuch is from Henley-on-Thames. Perhaps one of  many delightful  places to live in the English countryside. (Link below.)

During his grueling confirmation hearings, The Justice was quoted, "Mr. Chairman, I could not even attempt to do this without Louise, my wife of more than 20 years...the sacrifices she has made and her open and giving heart leaves me in awe. I love you so much."

Okay, I like him already! Did you see the photo of him resting his head on her shoulders at one point? Indeed, a tender moment.

The two met on a blind date while attending Oxford University. Marie Louise has degrees in history and philosophy. They married in her home town of Henley at St. Nicholas' Church.

She was on the equestrian team at Oxford and loves roses.  

No wonder The Justice is an anglophile and a fan of Winston Churchill!

So that saying is true. Behind every great man there is a great woman.

How blessed The Justice is. I'm cheering for them.


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