Thursday, October 19, 2017

Next year

Next year is an important one for me.

Like it or not, I'm going to be fifty. 

I've decided I need to embrace the age.

I want to like it. Actually, I want to LOVE it.

So, I'm working on 50 things I'd like to do next year. Some are big, some small.

As you can see, in both 2008 and 2011, I succeeded in finishing a walking marathon.

I HATE running. Loathe, detest, abhor. They all fit. Running is for horses.
I decided a long while ago that running was not for me.

Walking, on the other hand. Now there's a sport I can wrap my brain around.

Months ago now, my husband's uncle passed away at the age of 98. He walked 2 miles every single day. I believe that was significant to his health and longevity. 

I sat in the pew and pondered his life while we waited for the funeral to start. I had this epiphany while I sat.
Uncle George was 98. I am 49. Exactly half his age.
It really was something to consider.

What haven't I done that I'd like to? Do I have any regrets yet? Because if I do, I'm still around to fix it.

Not everyone is gifted fifty years. I want to make the most of every single hour of every single day. No regrets.

I'm starting my list, and this marathon is on it.
Yes, I've done it before, but never at 50! I just want to do it again.

It's a fun marathon.

There are food breaks every 3 miles, along with water and potty facilities! That's a plus right there.

I'm excited just thinking about entering and finishing next year.


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