Thursday, June 7, 2018

Huge Fan

From glasses to purses, earrings and planners, I'm a huge fan of Kate Spade.

How devastated I was to hear the news her life has ended so tragically.

I'm still processing. I think we all are. And we should. How could someone who seemed to have had it all, been so unhappy?  We just can't know what is going on inside someone.
Once upon a time I was visiting a Kate Spade store and found this post card. I had to have it. It screamed 'Dare to dream.' I brought it home and soon framed it. It sits on my desk right where I can see it everyday.

If only Kate knew just how much her creative genius made so many of us smile. I love my planner. It's so colorful.
And my earrings...
A gift from my daughter at her wedding rehearsal dinner.

I'm sorry Kate Spade felt she had no way out. I'm sorry for those she left behind.

Mental illness is raw and ugly and real. It makes no difference whether rich or poor, young or old. I pray some good will come out of this tremendous loss. My prayers are with her family.

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