Monday, November 26, 2018


So I love to write letters. Handwritten ones. The lost art kind.

While in England, I found a most lovely place for stationary.
I did some research before we left.
A certain Duchess with the initials MM gave another Duchess ( I wonder who?!) a gift from Smythson upon meeting her. I read that. Who knows if its true, but lets go with it because this place is amazing! Lets just say I would be ecstatic to receive such a gift.

It's on Bond Street in London.
Yep. Fancy.
I kept the bag! Want to see what's inside?
First, notice the year. Smythson has been in business a very long while.
No wonder. Such class.
How could I resist?
I'm such an anglophile.
If you get one in the mail from me, do a favor would you? Just ooh and aah as you think of me in my happy place! 

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