Monday, November 18, 2019

Famous Tavern

All roads lead somewhere.
We weaved our way through cobblestone streets and narrow passageways.

Where'd we end up?
Here. At the Turf Tavern.

It was closed but the owner still let us take a peek.
Apparently, it's all the rage.  A pretty popular hangout.
I have no doubt. Just read the sign!

No matter where you go to get a bite to eat in England, the pubs are cozy. The Turf Tavern feels like your're eating in someone's backyard.
Plants and flowers spilling from their boxes complete the ambiance.
Liquid encouragement anyone?
The Turf is famous!
Oxford. It's full of Magic.
Remember. It says 'alleged.'
Recognize any names?

A fun little detour on our way to our next destination. We thought we'd have time to come back and eat. We didn't.
Just another good excuse to go back on holiday and visit Oxford again. Twist my arm.     

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