Monday, November 4, 2019

Bed and Breakfast. The only way to stay

When you go on holiday, where do you like to stay?

For me, the only choice is a bed and breakfast. It's the best way to be a local. The inn keepers know all the secrets to the villages. Where to eat, what lines to avoid, best places to tour. It's a win win.

Besides, how can you not stay in a place like this?
Look at it. The stuff of fairy tales. 

That's our inn with the purple flowers bursting from the windows.
Ever wonder what an inn looks like?  Come. Take a peek inside.
A comfy chair, a lamp, and lavender. How can you not read in this cozy corner?
This is where we sat for breakfast each morning.
Tea, granola, yogurt, fresh fruit, breakfast sandwiches made with cheese and yummy English bacon. We never got hungry.
Up the stairs we went to get our first glimpse of our room. We learned on this trip we packed too much. Our luggage was heavy. Note to self. Next time, pack lighter.
Every morning, I had tea. It has become a daily ritual in my life. The simple things in life truly are the best.
Can you even stand it? CS Lewis books in our room! I was in my glory. Such serendipity. My favorite author's books on display for me to touch and open and count all the ones I have on my bookshelf at home. I had no idea what was in store for me in the next few days, but you can bet I was awake to find out.

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