Thursday, February 6, 2020

Launch team privileges

A few months ago, I was asked to be on a book launch team.

"What's that?" you ask?

Well, it's an honor bestowed to some, and one of those somebody's was me!

You see, writers don't just write books anymore. No no no. Not even close. (I'm shaking my head here.)

Gone are the days when an author wrote book after book, while publishers and brick and mortar bookstores did all the marketing.

Enter real life and online Amazon.

It used to be I'd hear the word Amazon and immediately my mind would wander to South America.  You know the place. The wet, tropical, rain forest Amazon where monkeys swing from tree to tree. Where jaguars prowl around ready to pounce and bullet ants carry a painful sting. The site where the blue dart frog fools with a vibrant color, only to paralyze or even kill with just one touch.

"It's a jungle out there," people.

Enter launch team members to the rescue. Launch teams help authors market their books.

We get an advanced copy of the book and get to read it. Win win! Then we review it online for the author.

Have you ever read reviews online?  Some can read like the creatures in the Amazon rain forest. Ouch. Seriously. Take the bullet ant for instance. Some reviews can really sting. Bad. Really bad. Others can leave the author so paralyzed with fear, they may never write another word.

I've talked with authors who make a conscious effort not to read their book reviews. It can make or break their whole month!

Anyway, Patti's book was easy to review. It's so good. I already miss Arno and Hattie. I took my time reading it. I just didn't want the story to end. Yep. That good.

Why is it titled Three Little Things?

You'll have to read the book to find out! And did you notice the endorsement on the front cover? Yep. It's the real Debbie Macomber! I'm so happy for Patti.

Without giving the story line away, here's my favorite 3 things about the book.

1. Pearls
2. WWI
3. letters

To find out more about Patti click here:

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