Monday, January 28, 2013

Honest Abe

Abraham Lincoln is on the five dollar bill.

I stopped for my weekly dose of chai tea.

I handed the barista the bill,  to which she shot back the most confused look...baffled was more like it.
One would think I handed her a yen or a peso...maybe a pound or a shilling!

Cash.  Yep.  Cash.  No credit card to swipe.  Just plain cash.
She seemed to be sweating and handed me $2.86 in return.  An obvious guess.  Is that right?  She asked.
I really wanted to say "really?"...and maybe a handful of other choice declarations, but retreated.  She really did not know, which is quite frankly, frightening to me.

I could have just taken the money, but like Abraham Lincoln, I am too honest.
With all the kindness, and maybe a bit of sympathy I could muster, I told her the amount to give back to me without making her feel too obtuse.

My change=$1.84.

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