Tuesday, January 29, 2013

the cake lady

I had to laugh right now as I am looking up the definition of a glutton:  one who eats greedily or too much (he's such a glutton that he ate the whole cake.)  It really does say that!

We were given 2 cakes today.  And no, we did not eat the whole thing!  Tempting, but we held back.

The cake lady makes the best cakes we have ever had.  It is true.  Better than Cake Boss.  No lie.
She is generous and kind and loving and charitable and every other great word in the english language.
The cakes she makes are imaginative, original, and ingenious.  They are a site to behold.  You just look long and hard at them with your mouth gaped open...like a child who has just seen Mickey in DisneyWorld.
That is how I visualize the child in a shelter receiving one of her cakes.  She makes cakes for kids that are with their families in a transitional place.  She makes them birthday cakes.  Can you imagine being that child?  The wonder in their eyes...is this for me?  And then actually having that cake all for themselves?  A gift that they will likely remember for a lifetime.  That one cake making them feel special.  It can prove to be lifechanging.

We called our son and asked, "so, guess what we are sending you?"  (he is in college.)
Care packages mean a lot!
He says, "can't guess, but guess where I am?"
Now I can't guess!
"I am on a chairlift ready to get off and ski!"
I then told him that we were sending him some of Yvonne's cake...he almost fell off the chairlift!!

Told ya the cakes were awesome!

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