Saturday, August 24, 2013

Just a few more days

May 30 seems ages ago.

I have seen more photos and programs of grizzly bear and moose than I ever have before...
OR, is it just that I am much more conscious of those animals right now?

I think thats it!

We have had few conversations with our son throughout these months.  Alaska seems a million miles away.  No cellphone coverage, no internet, no nothing!  Just a few calls from the sat phone.

I heard his voice the other night.  We were booking a flight back to the lower 48.
He said, "be prepared.  I am scruffy and in need of a "real" hot shower."
I can't wait to watch him come through the airport and straight into my arms!  Hmmmm...that better happen!
I will smell him (just like I did when he was a baby!) and hug him and try not to squeeze him too much.  Sigh.

The countdown has begun.

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