Thursday, August 29, 2013

"There's no place like home"

Turns out there was some validity in this mother's worries for her child being gone for 3 months in the last frontier land of Alaska.

As the stories unfold, I marvel at the protection of my son through the prayers to our Heavenly Father. He says, "there simply is no other explanation as to why I didn't, in the very least, get hurt."  

I skipped to the area in the airport where I would first lay eyes on him.  Dale kept his distance as I am not sure he wanted to be associated with me...I may have been carrying a certain bright yellow sign indicating the return of a certain SWEET BOY!

He did start smiling...I saw he came down the escalator.  He really did head straight into my arms.  I am not sure he wanted to claim me as I was jumping up and down, (with the sign mind you!...) declaring how much I missed him and just how happy I was to see him.
Hmmm...i think that was obvious!

"wow mom" was all he really said!

To baggage we went.  I don't recall him even getting his bags.  I just kept gazing at his new look.  He told me he was scruffy.
It won't last.  He wants it gone.
We walked through the airport, out in to the heat.  He had a long sleeved shirt on.  He came from 62 degrees.  "It's pretty hot here" as we stepped through the automatic doors.

What a blissful ride home, first stopping at Chipotle for him.  I have been intently hanging on his every word ever since!  The pictures take our breath away.

He is different.  More mature.  More insightful at what it means to "Carpe diem."
He made great friends, great connections, did great networking.    

Gotta run.  I just heard the sweetest words...."Hey mom...."

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  1. Loved, loved, loved this! Can so see into your mother's heart and it was good to see your sweet face.... Pics really help a blog!
    Love your writing....
    Kim (Evinda)