Monday, December 16, 2013

The movie The Holiday

The Holiday is a movie about two women who switch houses around the holidays.  One goes to California and one goes to England. 

The best scenes in the movie, in my opinion of course, are the ones with "Arthur Abbott."  He is the older gentleman who "was" a script writer during the Golden Age in Hollywood.  He helps one of the characters (Iris) get some "gumption." 

Parts of the movie were filmed in Shere, Surrey, England UK.
We went there!  How fun to watch a movie and say, "I've seen that!"
This is the grounds where Rose Cottage--the home of Iris---used to be. 
Towards the beginning of the movie, there are some shots of this church.  It is St James Church right there in the middle of the town. 
Some quick shots are taken in the movie of this pub, The White Horse.
What movies have you seen where you have been able to actually go to where it was filmed?


  1. It's not a movie really, but it is a music video of Train performing a great song at a really great winery in Napa!
    Check it out!

  2. Gail, I love that movie. That's incredible that you visited the movie location! That is so fun! I will see you next week for Christmas.