Thursday, April 23, 2015

Organized is a good thing

Earrings are my favorite piece of jewelry to wear. 
Admittedly, I have many.
Each one has special meaning to me.

Take, for instance, this pair.
If I had to pick a favorite, these would be it.  I got them in England.  They hold special meaning because they were purchased at Althorp,  Princess Diana's childhood home.  I remember everything about that day.  I will never forget because I spent it with my husband, and 4 other very dear friends who knew how important it was for me to visit that enchanted place.  Yep.  Favorite. 

I have many pairs from Hawaii.  I kind of went crazy with the plumeria earrings.  I bought every color there was!  Blues, hot pinks, white with yellow centers, white with pink get the idea!  I swear I can still smell the intensity of that flower.

There are those I bought in Disney, and others I just had to have!

What's my point?

Well...I have never had them in one place!  Some were on my dresser, in my bathroom, on counters.  Basically, a disorganized mess!  Until now!

I found this!
I got it at the container store.

All together now.
It's like Christmas!  I found earrings I forgot I had.  Sad, but true. 

Are yours organized? 
Do you have a favorite pair?


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