Thursday, April 16, 2015

Worth it

Our kids tell us we work too hard when we get away for a holiday.  

Theirs=sitting on a beach.

State parks are quite breathtaking.  And although hiking is really fun, I must admit that my knees are killing me!   This recent  hike reminded me of my writing journey.

At the start, I am bursting with energy.
Sun, no bugs and plenty of determination.  With a smug attitude that "this is going to be easy,"  I begin.
The trail rocks scrunched beneath my hiking boots,  and the smell of  earth wafting through the air awakened my senses.  Spring has arrived.  All smiles and climbing the rock stairs,  I kept a quick pace, staying in front of my husband.  Views like this one peeked through the trees.  I wanted to get to the top.  No stopping to enjoy the landscape.
A small sign on the tree for those who noticed.  Look, you might miss this!
"How could you not see this, you ask? "    
Easy.  I had my hat pulled on, sunglasses on, and my head was looking down.  I wasn't aware of the beauty of this balanced rock along the journey.  I missed it.  I was starting to get tired.
The only thing I could see were these...
And I wondered if I would ever get to the top.  This was daunting.
 I was glad I brought some "friends" along to help me stay hydrated and focused.
What fun is the journey without friends?
  You might even get lucky enough to meet some new friends along the way.
Guaranteed...there will be potholes.  Holes so big they'll tempt you to quit.  But you can't.  The need to see what is at the top keeps you from stopping.
You may even find those who are crazier than you!  We were just hiking.  These boys were rock climbing.  Living their crazy dreams!
The journey really is worth it!
Making it back to the car in one piece is too!!!

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