Monday, June 6, 2016

Taking off soon

Won't be long now. The flying experience is close at hand.
You've heard the phrase "packed in like sardines."

And, I'm sure the thought of having no leg room makes you wish you had the superpower to fly.
Oh, and the restrooms? Don't even get me started. "Rest" is not exactly the word I would use. I try really hard to hold it!

Ever got a  seatmate who chats the whole flight? Or worse, an annoying chap who uses your shoulder as a drool rag?

My personal favorite...watching those passengers who really believe their carry on will fit in the overhead!

Remember that crying kid in the gating area? The one you prayed wouldn't be sitting near you?  Yep. For the next hours, he's your entertainment.

The flight is all part of the journey! Sometimes I am more than thrilled I brought my Bose headphones!

Found some unique tidbits on my destination airport. Read on.

Remember the movie, Love Actually? Love the opening scene.

I'm thinking I need a bottle of Chanel No. 5. Read to see how fast the stuff flies off the airport shelves!

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