Thursday, June 2, 2016


Summer is officially here.
Can't you just smell that campfire burning?  I love fires. I got as close as I could get without burning the rubber on my shoes!
This day ranked among the greats.
I got to spend Memorial Day with one of my really good friends.

Meet Vickie.  She's the one in the green sunhat!
 She's a hoot. We met each other a long time ago. At least 17 years now.  We met at "craft cult." Seriously. That's what our kids call it. Craft cult.  10 women who vary in craft expertise.  We have a fearless leader. Name is "Martha." Lets just say she outshines us all.

We try to get together once a month at this "cult."   Making crafts is always the goal. Some finished products are better than others, but we always manage to laugh and drink a bit of wine.

Anyway...that's where I met Vickie.  "Martha" came to us one meeting and said she has this gal she thinks would fit in nicely with our group. That's how it works. You have to get voted in!  She was right. Vickie is awesome!

Hubby and I drove  to Vickie and Craig's cottage for the day. A cute little place in the north woods. Best part? It's on a lake.
 We went for a ride in their boat. Water sprayed our sun kissed faces just enough to let us know the lake was a bit too chilly yet to jump in.  Fish swam right along side us.  So did this creature...
Good thing I didn't have any food in my hands. This determined heron would have plucked it right out of my fingers!
Thoughts of retiring in these parts tempted us as we floated past some pretty charming "cabins." One place had a huge big screen TV on the side of their garage. We considered dropping the anchor and settling in to watch, but it was just too nice  a day!

 We made our way back to our little piece of heaven. Notice the adirondack chairs. And did you notice Vickie loves red?  Red roof, red screen door, red banister, red curtains, red planters.  So fun. The day was so relaxing. We ate, laughed, and talked about the latest movies and books we have read. We hated to leave.
Vickie is a great cook, wonderful friend (even if there are times she tells me to "suck it up!") and is constantly filled with joy.  She is definitely one of the persons I turn to when I need a pick me up. She is my honest, trustworthy, so filled with wonder, beautiful friend.

I hope you have at least one such friend too.

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