Monday, October 31, 2016

Enlarged territory

Perhaps you have heard of The Prayer of Jabez.

"Oh that you would bless me and increase my territory, and that your hand might be with me..." I  Chronicles 4:10

This weekend I was privileged to gather and celebrate with a writer friend. Amy launched her second book. It's a big deal. I'm so glad I was able to attend.

I had never met Amy face to face until yesterday. She invited me to her book launch party. We hugged right away when she greeted me at the door. She is wonderful. Lovely in every way. We were trying to figure out how I even found her. Social media had a hand to be sure, but I simply can't remember how I came across her.  We guessed it was through my fascination with England, and somehow I stumbled upon her writing.

You see, she lives in England! My happy place. She grew up here in the states, not far from where I live. She met and married Nicholas, who is from the UK. He is a vicar and they make their home in London. Two lively children have since been born.  I got to meet them too!
Amy signing books! Can you see the joy! She is filled to the brim!

I mentioned the Prayer of Jabez. I most certainly feel like God has enlarged my borders. I live in a small town. It really is a great place to live. That cannot be denied. But, there is something to traveling and choosing to step outside our comfort zones.

About four years ago, I started a journey I never dreamed I would travel. Writing! I have been able to go on writing retreats in Dallas, St Louis and Florida, to name just a few. Sure, I've been learning tons on the craft to actually write something that's relatively decent! But more importantly is the people I have met along the way.

I always wondered what those authors were like when I picked up their books in Barnes and Noble. Were they even real? What kind of lives do they live?
Well, now I know! They most definitely are real and live very normal lives. Just like us!  They just happen to be very disciplined in the art of writing. They plant their butt in chair and don't get up until they reach their word count for the day.

Stephen King wasn't kidding when he was asked how he wrote.
"One word at a the end, it's always that simple."  I'm learning to live by these authors' example.
One of these does not belong! Take a guess who. I'll wait while you ponder. (I'm humming jeopardy music while I wait.....)

If you guessed me you'd be right! The one NOT published yet!

Want to know more about these authors? Here's the link to their websites.



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