Monday, October 17, 2016

Swept away to England (in my mind)

Between reading this...
...and having some dear friends visit this weekend to enjoy tea and a new favorite UK show...
....I couldn't help but wander to England. Even if it was only in my mind!

I happened to see a photo of our dear England friends this week on Facebook. They were enjoying an afternoon at Reads.  We savored our time at Reads while in England over the summer.

What is Reads, you ask?

A glorious restaurant. Here's a snippet of what to expect should you go.
A drink while waiting for your table is a great start. Here I am with a Pimms. I had never had a Pimms before. Made with a light ginn, it gets diluted with lemonade.  English cucumbers, strawberries and mint float at the top! YUM!
Marion and I went for a walk around the property. So quaint, isn't it?
 Reads grow their own vegetables.

I glanced at this picture often while eating. I would love to have this hanging over my fireplace.
 Awe, the gift of friendship.
Appetizer. Pleasing to the eye. Just the right temperature, and melt in your mouth flaky crust goodness.

Main courses.

Dessert. Yes, please!
After dinner, we enjoyed mints and tea in the parlor. So civilized!
Marion and I. The whole afternoon was idyllic. Just the way I imagined England would be.
Next week I will show you what we did BEFORE we went to Reads.

Here's the link to the restaurant.

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