Monday, November 7, 2016

The fascination continues

Yet another British show has managed to charm its way into my heart!

Have you seen The Crown?

I started watching it last night.
The first episode did its job. Hooked me good!
The actor John Lithgow, plays Winston Churchill brilliantly.

A few things I noted in this first episode... (No spoilers here! We all know history!)

The word 'obey' was notably present in Princess Elizabeth (now queen) wedding vows.

King George VI smoked...ALOT!

The King had surgery to remove a lung.

Winston Churchill is elected for the second time as Prime Minister. He meets with King George VI and returns to 10 Downing Street. There, he speaks privately with his wife Clementine.
He tells his wife the King has cancer, to which she replies, "Who knows?"

"No one," said Winston. "No one knows. Not even the King." That Winston. Never missed a beat! Is that historically accurate? One never knows.

The Princess notices the sparks between Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend. She would be correct.

Spending time with her father, Princess Elizabeth asks, "Does it get lonely?"
" must have the right person by your side...." the king replies.

The King takes Prince Philip duck hunting where he tells him a thing or two! Mostly, he is being a protective father. He spells it out..."She is the essence of your duty. Loving her. Protecting her..." The King was a good father.

Oh, how I love this show! Can't wait to watch the next episode!

Have you watched?  What do you think?

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