Thursday, July 20, 2017

No wonder kids scream

Have you ever had an earache? One that lasts for weeks and weeks and brings you to your knees because it hurts so bad?
That's been my story these days.

Yesterday I had surgery to relieve the pain.
Hubby brought me. Good thing, because wow was I nervous. My hands were fidgeting and I thought about walking out the hospital entrance just as the doors closed behind me.  Hubby pushed me forward. Shoot!

In light of the situation, I found one thing particularly humorous. ..I had to get a pregnancy test!  The nurse and I laughed as I said, "If this is positive, shoot me now!" Moments later she gave me the news. It was negative! WHEW!

My temperature was taken. Blood pressure too. Higher than its been in years. Hmmmm, I wonder why.
The nurse was in the details and handed me this souvenir.
At first I thought it was silly, but I found myself squeezing the soft bear a bit more as the IV was started.
One by one, my surgical team entered my room. The  ENT who would be performing the surgery, the anesthesiologist who would be knocking me out, and the nurse anesthetist who would be administrating the drugs to put me to sleep. All very important people! At that moment, I wouldn't have cared if a movie star walked in. Those 3 were my people!!

My doctor marked my ear. Hate to have him work on the wrong one!
 Before I knew it, the surgery was done and I was wheeled out the hospital door.
So much better to recuperate in my own bed.
I hate IV's. So happy when it was taken out!

What about you. What surgeries have you had to have?

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