Monday, September 17, 2018

Signs and Wonders

While most of our first day was spent in museums, we did manage to wander around London and take in the many signs that let us know, indeed, we had made it across the pond.

We were getting pretty tired by the end of the day. These reminders came in handy a few times!
Screams London, don't you think?!
Nope. We're not in America anymore!
"Mini" became the word of the day...everyday!

They're everywhere. I felt right at home.
I was pleasantly surprised this is the favored color in the UK. Pepper White. Of course, there were other colors, but by far, this outnumbered them all.

I picked the right color without even knowing it! My Diana. I barely had a chance to miss her because I got to see her likeness around every corner. I love my Mini!

Of course, we had to stop for tea at the famous Twinings.
Not many companies can say they are 290 years old. Quite impressive. If I lived in London, I'd have a part time job working here. Will work for tea!

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