Monday, September 24, 2018


Lacock was one of my most favorite villages while visiting the UK. I have so much to tell you about this idyllic place.
Here's one little reason why I thought it so enchanting.

Imagine ambling through the village, enjoying every flower basket attached to its (very old) cottages and businesses.  Up ahead, you spot bunting and a colorful display. What is it? You must go check it out. You, along with many locals and tourists who have gathered before you.

How clever! The Stall on the Wall.
What's for sale along this wall?
Meringues! Many many flavors to choose from!
Is this not the cutest stand ever?!
Kind of like a lemonade stand, but better! After all, it is meringues!
All on the honor system. You place your pounds in the jar and use the tongs to pick your choice of flavor. 

I was so giddy. This is England. Full of serendipitous moments.
I picked one and inhaled it!  Chocolate chip. The best meringue I have ever had. I walked away so grateful for this tiny, wondrous wink. 

We wandered a distance but I kept looking back. I wanted to do it again! So we did! . We headed back to the Stall on the Wall and relived the moment all over again!

I would love to live in the cottage that owns the Stall! I kept gazing at the windows, wondering if the owner was peering out, enjoying the satisfaction of knowing her little stall was making memories for passers by.
Again, it's the little things in life.


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