Monday, December 17, 2018

Beeping horns

Our first drive in the UK reminded me of a scene in the movie, The Holiday.

Cameron Diaz's character, Amanda, drives a red Mini Cooper. 
Our car. Not exactly a Mini. Shoot! But, nonetheless, compact enough to keep us between the lines.

So Amanda is driving down the wrong side of the road. "I can do this," she mutters.
Our thoughts exactly. We can do this!

She's got both hands on the wheel, paying full attention to the road in front of her. She's got this. That is, until a big lorry (English for truck) comes barreling along in the other lane.
Amanda flinches as she begs, "Please don't hit me." She turns the wheel, hugging the side of the road, barely squeaking past the lorry.
The next scene shows her darting the red Mini into the village, barely missing a bicyclist as the car comes to an abrupt stop. "I need a drink," Amanda proclaims.

Us too, Amanda. Us too.

We hugged hedges with the wheels of our car. We almost hit a pedestrian who ignorantly assumed we could drive like a local. It takes my breath away thinking how we could have killed someone while on holiday in my happy place.

There was no reading a book AT ALL while driving the entire time we were in England. Bummer. I had to help Mr Wonderful navigate. Which, actually, I was really no help at all. I can't read a map to save my life. Clearly, if I hadn't known that before, I most certainly solidified that fact while on this trip! I think it's pretty funny. Mr Wonderful found no humor in it whatsoever!

A parked car is a safe car. We made it to our first stop. Barely. Like pressure in a slowly leaking tire, we needed time to decompress.   


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