Thursday, December 27, 2018


Drum roll, please.

My new one word for 2019...
Can you read it? INTENTIONAL. I wasn't planning very well. I started putting one letter on, and then another. Pretty soon, there wasn't much room for the O, N, A, L.  It wasn't deliberate whatsoever.
No matter. I'm ready.

Intentional. A loaded word. So many things I want to do on purpose in this new year.
January is already getting filled in with many hours and hours of writing. I am fully aware of an end to be achieved. A goal. A big one. A deadline of sorts.

I'm willfully taking on this project. A middle of March deadline.
Oh boy. Off I go.

Happy New Year. I hope you will be intentional about goals and relationships in 2019. The days and months are going to go by whether or not we are aware, so we might as well find ways to live intentionally.
Sounds like a grand idea to me.


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