Thursday, August 15, 2019

A lovely stay

Have you ever been to Duluth, MN?
It's the home of the Aerial Lift Bridge. A recognizable landmark in and around Minnesota, USA.
Ships from around the world enter the Canal Park Harbor on a daily basis throughout the summer months. Visitors gather to watch their magnificent entrance under the bridge. It really is a sight to see.
This vast body of water is Lake Superior. It's as close to an ocean  we will get to in the Midwest.
Enger Tower.
The two above photos were taken from the top of this Duluth landmark. Best views of the city, hands down.
Isn't this a great spot for a wedding?
This bride and groom most certainly were blessed with the perfect weather day. The guests were treated to a birds eye view of the lake. Wow.
We weren't invited. Nope. Just got a peek because we happened to be in the area before it was closed off.

They couldn't have planned a better venue. Incredible.

Okay, this was amazing, but unfortunately, it wasn't the wedding we were in town for. We attended a lovely wedding on the golf course.

I spent so much time clicking away at sights such as this and Canal Park, when I finally did get to the wedding, my camera battery died. SIGH! No back up battery with me. Left it at our Bed and Breakfast. I know, smart thinking. NOT! Ugh!

My daughter was the Matron of Honor, so there will be plenty of photos to choose from. Just not any I took. Double SIGH!

Both my children attended University here in Duluth. One would think I would have at least heard of the bed and breakfast we stayed in. Not so.
I had never even known The Cotton Mansion existed until last weekend.
Shame on me.
It was brilliant. So very lovely.
Here's a tour.
Looks very English, don't you think?
Our very own guest entrance.
They ask that we remove our shoes upon entering.
I put some little booties on, and immediately felt right at home.
What a staircase.
The gathering room.
I met a really nice chap early Saturday morning while waiting for my tea to steep. He told me of he and his wife's travels abroad. I never would have guessed he was a detective for a police department. Such an interesting conversation. That's one of the things I love about Bed and Breakfasts. The people you meet. It's fascinating.
Chess, anyone?
The library. I spent more than a few hours in here.
Most bed and breakfasts have a library, whether large or small. It's my favorite place to be.

Weekend getaways are a marvelous time to recharge.
I hope you are finding time in these summer months to do some sightseeing and find a perfect place to stay that suits your interests and needs.

If you're ever in Duluth, check out the Cotton Mansion. You'll be glad you did.

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