Thursday, April 16, 2020

Kindness through the mail

Handwritten notes are a rarity these days.

To be sure, we live in an age where emails and social media are a convenient means to communicate efficiently.
And yet, somewhere along the way, the personal connection has been lost.

We've traded a quick response for the wonderful surprise of sending a real letter, written in our own unique handwriting.
A gift, wrapped in an envelope delivered to a real mailbox, then opened by an unsuspecting beneficiary who gleefully is reminded 'you matter,' upon receipt.

Letter writing is a part of my DNA. It's who I am.

I never write thinking I should get one in return. I simply love being the sender.

These past few weeks I've been the receiver. What fun it has been to open my post with gifts just waiting for me to unwrap.
Look at them all. They've been so fun to read. One was from my Auntie. Her note was quite entertaining. She wrote, " I dyed 4 eggs for Easter-no dye so used turmeric, coffee, V8 and Gatorade!"  Made me laugh out loud.
The best part of her letter was just seeing her unique handwriting.

Give it a try. Letter writing. What else are you going to do these days?

You might ask, What's there to talk about ? No one's doing anything.  


Ask what book they're reading. What movie they've watched. What did they like about it? How about a recipe they've tried while stuck at home. Bread maybe? Cookies?
What are their hopes and dreams? Where's the first place they will go after restrictions are lifted? can do it!

Now get out that pen and paper. 

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