Monday, April 13, 2020

Joy and Jack

Joy Davidman Gresham Lewis.

April 18 will have been her birthday.

Who is she, you ask?

The short answer is she was CS Lewis's wife. Definitely the short answer.

She was a mother, writer, wife. Joy was passionate. Independent. Full of gumption she was.

A long while ago, she wrote to the author of The Chronicles of Narnia not knowing it would change the trajectory of her life forever. Letters do that, you know. Change lives. 

What I wouldn't give to have a letter from CS Lewis.

The two started a pen pal relationship. Before you know it, Joy is on a ship crossing the pond to meet him in person. (It's a little more complicated than that, but none the less, they meet.)

Soon, she moves to England from America. I could do that. Move to England.

I could live in Oxford. The town is a lively place to visit. More lovely to live there. I know I'd thrive like Joy did!

It doesn't take long and she marries Lewis for the first time. (Yes. They married twice. Told's a bit complex, but it's a great story.)
In fact, you can read all about Joy in this book. It's excellent.
They lived here at the Kilns. Their life was happy, but unfortunately not a long one together. Joy died from cancer about a year after they married for the second time.

Their life was portrayed on the big screen in the film Shadowlands. 

It's not easy to rent this movie. So hard to find on demand.
 I found a copy while in Oxford here at Blackwell Books. I snatched it straight away the moment I set eyes on it!

If she had lived, Joy would celebrate 105 years on Saturday. I want her gumption. Her writing abilities.
Oh the things we still learn from a life well lived.

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