Monday, December 3, 2012

Laugh for the day

I was certain she was desperate.
  My daughter asked this morning if I could drive her to class today.  She was still a little wobbly on her feet from being ill  over the weekend.  I jumped at the chance to help.
I am sure the moment we pulled out of the driveway, her memory was cleared of all haziness, and she regretted the request.

My kids detest driving with me.  They wonder how I got my license.
You know the type..Putting the blinker on at least a block before turning, letting up and pushing on the gas pedal, keeping  the speed just under 55...just to name a few.
We were on our way and soon were driving along the country roads.  I get easily distracted and I am not even using a phone!  Soon, the cars start passing.
She gestured with her hand to her head as if to say, "seriously?"
I just ignored her.  She made me understand that she had class at nine!

Soon we were just about to the university when she explained that I needed to just "follow the circle around."
"What circle?"
"You know...the round about!!!"

Round About.  Ugh.  I shun them as much as I can.  Someone put it simply to me today.."I drive 4 miles out of my way just to avoid those.".
You get the picture!   So, here I am with this child who already has made her opinions about my driving very clear, and I am rounding the bend, with her ducking below her seat trying to evade contact with the nearest pedestrian who is keeping close contact with this driver who clearly has not perfected this ingenious way of traffic flow.
Round we go,  missing our "exit" so of course we have to do the circle again.  What I can't figure out is as if this going in circles isn't daunting enough, they put decorations in the middle of this maze, which makes your eyes roam and you find yourself  going around just one more time yet again.
We make it to her destination, and she quickly disembarks from the vehicle and amusingly states to me that she feels like I just dropped her off in grade school for the first time.  I so badly wanted to embarrass her and get out and hug her and tell her to have a good day, but wisely retreated.

I had errands to run and was at the bank recounting the tale of the morning , the best being circling the round about.  It was worthy of the laughter that ensued.

To my friend John...did I ever thank you for driving in England?  Not only are there round abouts, but remember, they drive on the wrong side of the road!  You are my hero!

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  1. This is hilarious! I cringe at the thought of roundabout and curse those in Madison that built them. They always remind me of European Vacation with Chevy Chase, where he drives continuously in a circle missing his exit for the whole day.