Monday, March 4, 2013

The Simple Life

These road signs have been popping up all over our town in recent months.  I have been hearing about the Amish moving in to this area, and am just enamored with the thought of the simple life quite literally out my back door. 
I have been on the lookout for these charming, entrancing, bygone modes of transportation.  The signs are a constant reminder to enjoy the simple things in life. 
 One day, out of nowhere, there it was. 
I couldn't help but be fully conscious of the obvious dichotomy...A horse and buggy and a VW Jetta.   Gives new meaning to the word "horse power!"  The buggy was moving along with the family inside.  On these wintry days, I am sure they were, at the very least, chilled.  There I was toasty in my car with heated seats on full blast.  Not even on the radar for simple.  Made me think. 

I do not know much about the Amish life.  I am sure I will learn as it seems idyllic.  I value simplicity.  So much so that I am now taking one day a week and refraining from technology!  No computers, email, cellphone, TV.  One day to read, and write, have face to face conversations, bake, cook, and maybe take a walk.  Amazing what i got done with that day.  Just one day.  And it was a good day.         

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