Monday, June 17, 2013


Goldilocks meandered her way through the woods, and found a cottage that was just too tempting to pass by.  She unlatched the front  door and peered inside.  Seeing that noone was home, she stepped forward and pushed the door shut behind her.
Inhaling food, she realized just how ravenous she was and headed for the table.  Sampling each bowl, she settled for the one that was "just right."
With a full tummy, it was time to just sit.  She again tried each seat, and found the one that was "just right."
Rocking back and forth, she was content...up until she rocked too much, and broke the chair!
Tired, she made her way up the stairs to the bedroom.  There she found 3 beds to try out.  The first being too high, the 2nd, too soft, and the 3rd...yep..."just right."
The 3 bears came home from their walk only to find their cottage broke into.  Food had been eaten, chairs had been broken, and beds had been disheveled.
Goldilocks awoke, and jumped out the window, vowing to never go into those woods again!

Another version:

The "my son is in Alaska, and his lodge got broken into" version!

Having just experienced Mt. McKinley in all its glory from the air, life is looking like it is going to be pretty sweet for the next 3 months.  The woods are vast and he can see for miles and miles from the plane.  The sights are awe-inspiring.  THe plane lands smoothly on the airfield..(this mother is thankful.)  All seems well.  The propellor stops, and the unloading begins.

This time it is the bears meandering through the woods, finding a lodge that was just too tempting to pass by!
Clawing and bearing down the doors (sorry...had to put that pun in!) they are in!
Goldilocks broke the chair.  The boys all hoped it was just a chair!  Nope...the bears had a picnic in the lodge!
Broke lots of things, ate lots of food, and left lots of  samples to show just how much food they ate!  To say the least, it was a mess!
Unlike Goldilocks, they were not there when they got there, but decided to show up that night just to say hello!
One got up on his hind legs and showed off his least 7 feet!

This was not the way I envisioned the start of Mark's summer to go.  Already seeing 5 bears within hours of getting to the lodge is not what a mother likes to hear!
We got this unexpected, but wonderful, phone call from him.  He was using the satellite phone from the lodge to call on Father's Day.  I was so excited when I heard his voice.  Then he told us this tale.
He seemed to be more bothered by the mosquitoes then the bears!
The adventures begin.
From this end of things, it will be a long summer!


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