Saturday, June 15, 2013


Speaking another language expands your outlook on the world around you.  
Last night we immersed ourselves in the folklore of Germany.  
Vacating the continent by plane wasn't necessary.  We simply transported ourselves by car to the Winzer Stube German restaurant in Hudson, WI. 
There we engrossed ourselves in all things German.

Our eyes  adjusted quickly as we strolled into the dimly lit stube.  Just the right amount of light for the ambiance of this spot.  
Our senses were awakened with the smells of German fare wafting past our noses, and the sounds of merriment being heard throughout the establishment.  A sociable hostess greeted us, and escorted us to our table nestled in the back corner, where we were in full view of all that this night had to offer.  Our friends soon joined us.  The table was covered in a red checked tablecloth with a lamp that gave us just the amount of light we needed to peruse the menu.  
Soon our waitress introduced herself in German, which was an invitation for our friend to launch into a lively dialect between the two of them conversing in a language that only they knew.  It was captivating to sit there and listen, but not be a part of, this obvious delightful communication between two people who immediately bonded because of a shared knowledge in a language.  
Drinks were first.  I stuck with my no risk choice...tea!  I am so english!
The rest drank in the spirits of Germany.  I sipped each of their picks.  The beers...too dark, but the wine was adequate.  
After much contemplation, we settled on our selection of cuisine for the evening.  Most meals consisted of red and white cabbage and spatzle.  Mine was called Rinder Rouladen "mutters Rezept"  
Translation:  beef roll ups with mustard, pickle, bacon and onions.   
It was quite tasty.  
Throughout the evening we kept hearing an accordion.  The sound was jovial and added to the mirth of the evening.  Soon the maker of this joyful noise made his way to our table and serenaded us with his rendition of "roll out the barrel."  Clapping and hilarity ensued.  He was dressed in suspenders, knickers, and a distinct green hat.  His face brightly clarified his delight in sharing his gift of musical talent with strangers young and old, ready to sing along to familiar tunes from days gone by.  
The evening flew by.  Oh the enjoyment of the senses we had this night.  Dessert was an apple struedel that was out of this world.  
Germany.  A visit that must be on our bucket list.  Maybe Oktoberfest?  Kringle Mart?  Oh the possibilities.      

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