Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Vince Flynn

Vince Flynn


The dash.  That space in between.

Vince Flynn used that dash excellently.

What impressed me the most about this internationally acclaimed author was his perseverance.

He wanted to be an author and he went after that dream.  He was rejected over 60 times.  I don't want to be rejected once, let alone 60!  I read that he kept every one of those rejection letters.  Me...I would probably burn them..one at a time!
He stayed the course.  He just kept dreaming the dream and one day it happened.
He wrote 14 books and was working on number 15 while he was sick.  Political thrillers.  Intense, page turning drama.  He was a gifted writer.

Humble.  That was him too.  He was read by presidents and kings, and yet by many accounts, he was just that...humble.  He loved his wife.  I read that he flashed his ring at book signings a lot!  Handsome indeed.
He loved his children and he loved his faith.
His motto was "keep the faith."
He was a great friend.  And he was young.  He obviously fulfilled his purpose.  What a legacy.

Lived out his faith.
A man who loved his wife.
Loved his children.  
Great son
Great brother
No regrets

What an inspiration.

Who inspires you?    

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