Tuesday, September 24, 2013


What a creepy feeling. 
Here I am minding my own business when out of the corner of my eye, there it is. 
Its little bb looking eyes staring at me, daring me to catch it. 
"Oh, don't worry you little rodent, I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole."
I don't know what is more creepy...the eyes or that long disgusting tail. 

It ran around my den, turning at each corner of the room.  It hid behind my bookshelf.  Ugh...the thought of that thing behind there is making my skin crawl. 
I YELL for my husband.  You would think something earth shattering happened.  To me, it did. 
This menacing little creature just wrecked my evening. 
I wasn't planning on playing mouse trap for the evening.  Right now, I would definitely settle for the children's game...hands down. 
Nor do I like the fact that now I have to disinfect  my den!
My husband shut the door and somehow (don't want to know) got the mouse.  He opened the door with a piece of paper between his finger and the tail of that nasty varmint.  Ick. 

He said to me, "you know that if there is one, there is more."
Great.  There goes sleep tonight. 

Bring on the mouse traps.  Tis the time of year. 


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  1. Gail,
    oh, the mouse stories.... years later and though I can giggle, I'm still right there with you: FREAKED OUT! Hugs to you, friend!