Thursday, January 23, 2014

Could have been embarrassing!

As I drove into the development, it was easy to see where the party was...or so I thought.  I had not been here before. 

It all looked so enchanting with the lights on the trees and the evergreen branches drooping from the weight of the snow.    Mercedes, Audis and other choice vehicles crowded the neighborhood road.  I questioned it, but dismissed it quickly.     I was excited as I stepped out of my car and made my way to the driveway.  
I saw the illuminated numbers on the brick mailbox.  "What was the address again?"   I questioned it,  but dismissed it quickly.    I kept on walking.  Up the driveway I paraded, looking forward to an enjoyable evening with friends. 
Out of nowhere a woman appeared.  It was dark and hard to recognize her.  She looked at me and said, "Oh, someone I don't know.  What is your name?  We can walk in together if you don't mind.  I just started not too long ago and don't know everyone that well."
 I started questioning now!!   I then asked her, "Is this the so and so residence?" To which she replied, "No, it is the so and so residence.  It is a retirement party."
Light bulb switched on for me...I was at the wrong house!!!!  

Great WHAT IF question!  What if I would have just walked in and did not know anyone there?  It looked as if it was a formal attire night too!!!  Boy, would I have turned many shades of red! 
The house I was looking for was the next one down.  How often does that happen...same night for a party at houses right next to each other!!!

So, have you ever had anything that you did that was embarrassing, or could have been?

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