Thursday, January 9, 2014

Negative experiences

Life is full of experiences.  Some positive, some negative. 
Having recently had my wallet stolen, I am keenly aware of others trials and encounters with bandits who have disrupted  every day schedules.

Just this week I heard of one such woman who left her home for just an hour.  One hour.  In that time, thieves managed to break in her home, dishevel her furniture, rummage through her drawers, and steal priceless  items.  The most treasured was an heirloom from her grandmother.  Not only in cost, but the sentimental value of that item. 
Thieves don't care.  They just want the money.  They don't think of what they have taken away. 

Still another told of his plight as a crook shattered his passenger car window and took a valuable camera with priceless photos of his grandkids.  How bold to carry out the burglary in broad daylight. 

There are good people out there too.  A woman  made her way up to her hotel room and started unpacking.    Soon after,  she realized  her wallet was missing.   Just beginning her holiday,  she was devastated.   While trying to remain calm, the front desk called her room and told her  a gentleman wanted to see her in the lobby.  Not having a clue why, she went down.  There was her taxi driver, grinning as she approached and simply stated, " I believe this is yours."   I still could see her relief as she retold  the story to me. 

Someone just told me of a woman who found her wedding ring 16 years after she had lost it.  It was "growing" in her garden on a carrot!

Or the heart strings story of a wallet found in a field 20 plus years after the death of his son.  Killed in a car accident, the missing wallet had long  been a mystery as to its whereabouts.  Why was it found now,  intact from so long ago?  They will never know, but what a story.

Experiences  grow us.  Bitter or better is up to us.  I am still mad about my wallet being stolen.  I get reminded of it a lot  lately as we have to declare to our credit card companies that charges made on our cards are not ours, but fraudulent activity.   It really is a pain.  I can think of so many other things I would rather be doing.  Bad things happen.  It is not fair, but a fact of life.   I do just really want that picture of my dad back.  I must persevere and not let this picture consume me.  It is just that.  A picture.  I have lots of pictures of him, but this one was so him.  That's why I carried that one in my wallet!   I have to realize mementos can get lost or stolen or ruined.  It is the memories that can never be stolen.  They are forever sealed in our heart. 

Do you have a lost and found story?  I would love to hear it!

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