Monday, April 7, 2014


For reasons still unknown, I have  felt some sort of a link to Diana. 
Maybe it is because of the fairy tale.  The Royal Wedding.  The dress, the earrings, the prince.  It was all there that day. 
And then it ended tragically  August 31, 1997.
I picked up every newspaper and magazine that had her picture on it.  Still have them.  She, indeed, touched millions. 
I am here!  My pilgrimage to Althorp, Diana's childhood home, complete!  My entrance into the history of  life as a Spencer was about to commence.   Yay! 
Taking a stroll about the Round Oval.  It is peaceful here.  It is here where Diana is buried on the island. 
Solitude.  Far away from the clicks and flashes of cameras that stalked her every move.  You can't see it, but there is a small row boat that I am sure her family uses to make their way to the island.  They can visit her grave in peace. 
Memorial to Diana. 

She was the People's Princess.

I am happy!

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