Monday, April 21, 2014

Re read

Although I've not met her, Robin Jones Gunn is a sister chick of mine. 
She is one of my favorite authors. 

By her definition,  a sisterchick is defined:  "friends who share the deepest wonders of your heart, love you like a sister, and provide a reality check when you're being a brat."

Robin Jones Gunn wrote a series of Sisterchick adventures.  Fictional stories taking you to far off lands such as Britain, Italy, and Mexico. 
Titles include:  

Sisterchicks on the loose
Sisterchicks do the hula
Sisterchicks in sombreros
Sisterchicks down under
Sisterchicks say ooh la la
Sisterchicks in gondolas

My husband said to me, "you're smiling.  you must be reading a good book."
"I am," as I kept my eyes on the pages in front of me.

Sisterchicks go Brit!
I read this book quite awhile ago. 
 I am thoroughly enjoying reading it over again.  Especially chapters eight and nine.  The chicks are touring Oxford and the real life stops significant to CS Lewis.  Places like The Eagle and Child pub where the Inklings gathered to talk about what they were writing.  Week after week they met, critiquing each others writings.   The Kilns is another stop.  (The home of CS Lewis),  Holy Trinity Church where he worshipped and is buried in the church cemetery.  I have had the privilege of being at these grounds, and so reading about them in this book is making me want to go back.    Robin Jones Gunn is spot on writing about what each stop looks and smells like.  I am taking my time reading through the pages, remembering every detail of the steps CS Lewis' routine took him in his daily life.  
In the back of the book there are pictures of Robin Jones Gunn in England.  Big Ben and the famous red phone booths are among them.  I love the one of her at the Ritz having tea with her friends.  One of those being Marion Stroud!  A British writer who I have had the honor of being on the receiving end of a few emails.  I am so blessed.     
The bookmark is from a trip to Cambridge.   It saves my spot in the latest book I am reading and gives me a quick memory of a moment in time that I will cherish always.   
Is there a favorite author you love?  Do you have a longing to meet that author?  What book are you reading right now?

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