Thursday, April 3, 2014

"I have a Dream...."

That famous speech.  You know the one.  Rev. Martin Luther King at the March on Washington, 1963.
Yes.  That one. 
4 words that are his legacy. 
"I. Have. A. Dream."

I, too, have a dream. 
Took one step closer to that dream this week when I pushed the SEND button. 
One finger.  One button.  SEND.
I worked and worked editing it.  Making sure it was just right. 
Stayed up late, painstakingly going over every word I wrote.  Thought of a title, wrote a synopsis.

I entered my first writing contest.  There.  That is my dream.  I want to be published one day. 
Can I just say how hard it is to sit my butt in this chair.  Day after day, pumping out words that are up there dancing around in my head that I can't go to sleep until they spill out on the page.  Characters burning dinner and riding around town on a bicycle with a flower basket in front.  Changing, growing, discovering...yep.  This really IS my idea of fun.  Making up friends!

I am realistic.  The rejections will come.  Author Vince Flynn had over 66 rejections letters.  66!  Wow.  That's a lot. 
He never gave up and he was a bestselling author.  Dreams.  They do come true. 

I am wondering...what's your dream?

OH...I have another one.  It is simple really.  Can I just snap my fingers and go back here?

Today the forecast calls for .....SNOW...AGAIN!  Ugh!  4-9 inches.  REALLY? 


  1. Good luck with your submission! The fear of just one rejection keeps so many wonderful things from happening. Once we are rejected once, it's easier to face the fear of being rejected a second time, and a third time.... and perhaps even a 66th time. You, m'lady, are on your way ..... facing your fears, and embracing your future! xoxo

  2. Congratulations on hitting Send! That's one of the most difficult things to do, isn't it?

    I love your determination, Gail! And I know I'll find your books in the stores someday. :)

    1. Thanks Brenda.
      You are my inspiration.
      Am waiting at my mailbox for your book to come. Can't wait to get it, read it, and share my writer friend with the world. Brenda Anderson. Author extraordinaire. Your dream IS a reality. YAY for Brenda. You are a wonderful example of perseverance.