Thursday, October 30, 2014


I miss the days dressing up the kids for Halloween.

We had so much fun deciding what they would be.
Tweety bird
A clown

A bunch of grapes and a princess.  The "grapes" were a challenge.  Mark was getting sick of taking it on and off in the car.  Not one balloon popped!
A ghost and a knight 
I love the Arthur and DW books.  The kids weren't too impressed  with this year's costumes!  The ears were a hit! 
Robinhood.  Mark hit his target every time!   
Kayla loved American Girls when she was little.  Here she is dressed like Aady.  Her favorite girl of all.  

So, what costumes did you come up with for your kids?  

I am from the Halloween capital of the world...Anoka, MN. 
Click on the link for more Anoka Halloween info.

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