Monday, October 13, 2014


We recently watched an episode of the Amazing Race in which the teams were in England.
Oxford to be exact.  And they had to go punting.

What is punting you ask?  Well...A punt is a flat bottomed boat.
One stands on the rear of the boat and uses a pole to propel the boat.  Looks easy, but don't let it fool you.  It is harder than it looks.
We decided to let the experts take us.  We were on the River Cam in Cambridge for our boat tour.
What a thrill to pass under one of the Bridge of Sighs.   The "original" one, of course, is in Venice Italy.
Our tour guide told us a story about the bridge of sighs.   Sighs could be heard from students  padding across the bridge, either going to an exam or coming from one.

Did I pass?  SIGH.  Did I study enough?  SIGH.  You get the idea!!
Incredible what you can see from the river.  The date on this building fascinated me.
Our friends look so relaxed don't they?!
"Just around the river bend!"
A beautiful day letting someone else steer the boat so we can gaze at such loveliness all around us.  Glorious.  Just glorious.

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