Thursday, October 16, 2014

To go or not to go

"......Beware the Ides of October, the time is nigh and the bullets will fly....."

This is part of a campus alert  my daughter, along with lots of other students and faculty,  read on their emails this week.

Police could be seen walking around campus  in bullet proof vests and there was an FBI presence as well.  

My daughter texts me, "the campus is crawling with cops."

What is a parent to do?  Do you let your child go to school, knowing there is a threat...a serious threat that involves bullets.  
She is scared.  Really scared.  She thinks of every class she is in, trying to figure out how she could possibly get away if she had to.
I just shake my head.  This is America.  Kids scared to death to go to school because they are afraid they will get shot.  I can't believe I am actually writing this.  She actually has to think of how to escape from someone who would want to harm her, or anyone else, who gets in the way.
I can honestly say that I NEVER thought of this when I attended school.  It NEVER crossed our minds that someone would EVER come in to our school and start shooting.  I just could NEVER even imagine such a thing happening.  Still can't.  It just seems so surreal.

So, what do you do?
Well, I applaud the University of River Falls, WI.
They refused to shut down the University.  With such a police presence, it actually is probably the safest place to be!
They said NO.  Whoever threatened harm, does not get their way.  We win.  We will not give in to fear.  Whatever their intentions, school is to learn.  And learn these kids will do.

I have no idea what October 15 could have been.  I am just a grateful mother that the day was uneventful.

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