Thursday, February 5, 2015

Growing up

It has been a month already since she moved out.

So strange to go and visit my child at her apartment.
I squeezed her tight the moment I saw her.  "!"
It just makes my heart happy when I am near my children.

We went out to dinner together.  The night went fast as she spoke of funny things happening at her new job.  She is gaining knowledge and getting more responsibilities.

Isn't it just like a mom..."Are you eating ok?  Did you get your rent payed?"

"You would be proud mom.  I made a spread sheet!"

She is an accountant.  I would hope she knows how to pay bills on time!  Still...she will always be my baby.
I get to drive her nuts whenever I want!

Oh...and it doesn't hurt to slip some cash her way either!

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