Monday, February 23, 2015

My new tea

Twice a week, I ventured into the nearest Starbucks and ordered  up my usual...

Tall, nonfat chai tea latte.

Calories:  160.

Lately, I have been changing some eating habits.  Drinks included.
I just stopped drinking chai tea and diet pepsi all together.

I hear your GASPS!  

I know.  This is a shocker!  Especially to my family.  They just can't believe it!  Some either!
But, now I found a new vice and its a lot cheaper.  In money and calories.  I think it may even taste better than my "old usual."

Yes, there is sweetened condensed milk involved, but hear me out!
First of all, Tea Source is a great place,   So much fun to enter and experience all things tea.  You can order a cup of tea, and then buy what you would like.   There are plenty of oolongs, blacks, and greens to choose from.

To make the chai, you will need this.  Breakfast Assam.  "This is a great everyday Assam black tea.  It is very hearty and malty, with a nice, clean taste.  This tea is our first choice for using as a Chai base."

Then, you need to purchase the Spice Blend.
"This blend makes the best chai outside of India"

I mix all the ingredients according to the directions and poof, my new morning brew!
I have my tea with a mere 65 calories!

I figure I am saving at least $25.60 a month, $307.20 a year, plus calories.  Included in my savings  are the impulse buys right there at the counter waiting for me to grab.  Like the dark chocolate covered graham crackers, almonds or a piece of sponge cake!

I figure its a WIN WIN!!


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