Monday, October 19, 2015

More for my collection

This gem arrived this week.

Great for researching my novel in progress.
Of course, much information is written  between the covers of this atlas about Queen Victoria. She writes about her beloved Albert in her diary..."He is perfection in every way-in beauty, in everything...broad in the shoulders and a fine waist..."  Queen Victoria was devastated by his unexpected death.
Pages telling of the House of Windsor, and many pages written about Sir Winston Churchill.
I did not know he was the son of an American heiress.   He studied in Dublin, Ireland.  "His father died when he was 20, and Winston wrote to his mother to urge her to come visit him, which she rarely did."  Hmmmm, great information for my book!   I love reading about the history of England.

I also put up this poster in my writing room.  More inspiration.
I love England.  Can you tell?!

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